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"Dr. Mukul is very approachable and calm… I had a positive experience with him.. he explains the dental procedures along with all the possible options… he’s very patient and transparent!"
Analee Cerejo
"Dr. Mukul Padhye has been very helpful for the entire span of my treatment and surgery. A case like mine if gone in the wrong hands would have become a little risky but I knew I was in the right hands and he proved it. Dr. Mukul Padhye will be my strong recommendation to everybody."
Homiyar Navdar
A really nice experience like didn’t come to know when my precious teeth got extracted. He really has magic in his hands, not only he but also the entire staff including associate doctors.
Vinayak Nayar
Thank you Dr. Mukul Padhye for Operating so easily and well. In the very first meeting only I was confident that I am in the right hands. You are a person with golden hands. Very good Staff and Supportive too. Thanks, Sir.
Upendra B Rajadhyaksha
It was a very good experience to meet Dr. Mukul Padhye. He is very supportive, even the staff. He is not only a very good doctor but a good human being with a positive attitude.
Ashok Shevde