Orofacial Reconstruction

Orofacial Reconstruction

Orofacial reconstruction is required if the head and neck are injured since the same can be discouraging, especially if they are visible. Often, patients who have experienced infections, tumors, diseases, or differences present since birth (congenital abnormalities/birth defects) may want to consider reconstruction.

Head and face reconstruction is surgery to repair or reshape deformities of the head and face (craniofacial). Surgery for head and face deformities (craniofacial reconstruction) is done depending on the type and severity of the deformity, and the patient’s condition.

Surgical repairs involve the skull (cranium), brain, nerves, eyes, facial bones, and facial skin, so Dr. Padhye and a neurosurgeon work together. The surgery is done under general anesthesia.

During the surgery, tissues are moved and blood vessels and nerves are reconnected using microscopic surgery techniques. Pieces of bone (bone grafts) may be taken from the pelvis, ribs, or skull to fill in spaces where bones of the face and head were moved. Small metal screws and plates may be used to hold the bones in place.